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Consumers now expect to pay digitally in the method of their choosing: VISA, MasterCard, PayMaya, GCash, AliPay, WeChatPay, PayPal, or any other payment method. On a global scale, failure to provide a customer’s desired payment method results in 38% loss rate on sales. This means that merchants are compelled to provide an ever-growing number of payment methods (a new one seems to arrive every month). Adoption of these payment methods by merchants is costly, lengthy, and causes chaos in accounting reconciliation.

The Future

XPAY’s unified platform solves this merchant requirement, and delivers functionality a multi-tenant organization requires for an efficient back-office with the potential to generate additional revenue on every sales and loyalty transaction:

1. All-In-One Strategy
   a. All payment on one terminal: POS, eCOM, QR , Unattended
   b. Check-in/Check-in for Contact Tracing
   c. Loyalty/Couponing
   d. Installments – Buy Now Pay Later connections
2. Closed-loop/Branded SuperWallet payment/marketplace platform
3. Reconciliation - All payment types on one database

XPAY Future Point of Sale Android


XPAY is an emerging company that delivers a cloud-based, unified payment solution for all merchants and in a Multi-Merchant Marketplace, our clients will:

1. Own the licensed payment eco-system and unify offline/online/unattended payments
    a. Generate revenue on payment transactions
    b. Accept all forms of payment, including buy now pay later, bill pay & alternative schemes
2. Have the ability to seamlessly switch acquirers to maximize competition
3. Deliver real-time reporting on all payment/loyalty transactions
    a. Delver a loyalty aggregator – accept multiple loyalty on the LIPAD platform
    b. Simplify reconciliation
4. Accelerate Digital Transformation at the front line using our Digital Transformation platforms
5. Deliver On-Line Web presence to each merchant.

How do we deliver the entire ecosystem

With the advent of Digital Transformation departments, most enterprises have moved payment (Fintech) within these boundaries. Initially payment takes a secondary role until the realization that most Fintech advances require a cooperative payment company. Instead of working/integrating with multiple fintech/payment suppliers, XPAY has completed the collaboration and integrated the Digital Transformation platforms of SMKG: OTC. This partnership delivers a unified runway for payment, digital transformation, social media marketing, and enables LIPAD to integrate our technologies seamlessly into the existing Digital Transformation strategy. All platforms are available for unique branding.

Why XPAY is unique

The existing payment infrastructure in many markets lacks the technical capability to support a unified solution for multi-tenant enterprises. XPAY accelerates an enterprise’s Digital Transformation strategy by utilizing payment as a catalyst for the full understanding of a customer's value, integrates to third party (or XPAY’s own) Fintech platforms, and then delivers a unified solution across our clients Marketplace. XPAY has collaborated with a global Digital Transformation leader SmartCard marketing Systems (SMTG:OTC) to eliminate the confusion dealing with multiple organizations and platforms when a quick, efficient and seamless introduction to new technology is required.

Payment & Banking as a Service solution via the latest Digital Transition and Financial technologies.

Our internally developed PCI DSS L1 Mobile Payment eco-system quickly accelerates Digital Transformation or Payment initiatives via our secure cloud based mobile platforms and applications.

Xpay ecosystem

XPAY Ecosystem

About SMKG

SMKG:OTC has applied its years of consumer marketing, loyalty and payment experience to develop a full suite of mobile solutions uniquely built for Banks, Government Agencies, multi-tenant corporations and SME’s. Our partnership provides XPAY the capability to deliver all their present and future platforms globally.

Each of these platforms are developed and supported by SMKG, and marketed by XPAY to complement our payment strategies. Each has its own website, marketing strategy, can stand on its own or can be seamlessly bundled, white labelled and delivered to promote a client’s brand, products and services at every payment, loyalty, or social media interaction. With the SMKG partnership, we deliver:

1. Almost twenty bespoke solutions via two distinct verticals: Payment & Digital Transformation
2. We utilize the payment transaction as a catalyst to understand a consumer’s total value,
    a. We also can provide a risk and marketing profile of the end customer.
3. Interoperability between all platforms using one point of contact: XPAY 


17+ Multi Tenant Platforms

We designed all platforms to be white-labelled and branded for our enterprise clients with a wide range of use cases: SuperWallet/Marketplace, Onboarding, Ticketing/Events Management, Profiling, Limousine Booking, Pre-order & in-flight menu, eCOM Platform, Job Seeker, Email Campaign, and Cross-Border Payments.

Our distinctive characteristics:

1. We own all source code for P2PE payment eco-system
    a. Are set up to white label entire platform for enterprises
2. Deliver eCOM, AndroidPOS, mPOS, Unattended, QR on a unified platform
3. Will Semi-Integrated to Merchant Cash Registers.
    a. Enterprise partners can generate additional revenue from each sale.
    b. Deliver On-Line experience to an Off-Line store
4. Have obtained Payment Facilitation and Third Party partnership designation for VISA/MCCC
    a. Also support: JCB, AMEX, ALIPAY, WeChatPay, CUP, and industry leader PayMaya QR.
5. Provide merchant acquiring in local currency & USD
6. Have a global partnership to seamlessly deliver Digital Transformation platforms

We process seamless payment and operational transactions between our clients, their stakeholders and global online/offline consumers to ensure strong brand alliance across all client interactions, are now implementing Facial Recognition, and will soon release our Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) solutions to complement our eco-system

To ensure we make payment seamless for our clients we leverage our Third Party Payment (TPP) and Payment Facilitator (PF) status to process all major schemes (VISA/MasterCard etc) and ensure the highest levels of payment security via partners such as Cybersource.

Xpay Architecture

XPAY's System Architecture

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